Your Guide On How To Loan A House In PAG-IBIG

Most Filipino families fail to own affordable, quality homes because they do not know how to loan a house in PAG-IBIG. The Home Development Mutual Fund or PAG-IBIG allows Filipinos to own a home by borrowing up to 6 million pesos at the lowest rates and favorable terms. The agency enables the loaning of houses and lots, condominiums, and townhouses including parking spaces.

Why It’s Important to Know How to Loan a House in PAG-IBIG 

Straightforwardly, it is a privilege. With home prices rising to 11,061.95 per square foot, most Filipinos need all the support they can get to be able to afford a home. Apart from this, they also cover house damages from natural or man-made calamities. HDMF members may borrow 80% of their monthly contributions to repair their homes. 

Additionally, six regions affected by Typhoon Odette last December 17, 2021, were eligible for calamity loans. 

What are the Requirements for Loaning a House in PAG-IBIG?

To loan a house through PAG-IBIG, the buyer must:

  • Have an existing PAG-IBIG account
  • have at least 24 months of savings 
  • Have the financial and legal capacity to own a house
  • No existing PAG-IBIG loans
  • Have updated payments for PAG-IBIG short-term loans

Furthermore, the borrower must be 65 or younger upon application and 70 years or younger when the loan matures. Besides these, borrowers need proof of income and valid I.D. to process the loan. Borrowers need to secure other documents like the title, tax declaration, and vicinity map. They may get this from the developer or seller.

How to Acquire a Sunberry Home Through PAG-IBIG

You will need the following to reserve a house and lot at Sunberry Homes:

  1. 2 Valid I.D.s with three signatures
  2. Birth or Marriage Certificates
  3. Recent 1×1 photo
  4. 25,000 PHP reservation fee
  5. Complete post-dated checks
  6. Proof of billing with the buyer’s name
  7. Payslip for at least 3 months if locally employed
  8. Latest passport, an employment contract for overseas workers
  9. Verified Tax Identification Number (TIN)

Sunberry Homes is a two-story townhouse with its latest project located in Basak, Lapu-Lapu.  The home features painted walls and ceilings, sliding windows, tiled kitchen counters and bathrooms, a wooden staircase, etc. The developer also has its flagship project in Soong, Mactan.

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